New Product ! BR016D Digital Load Cell !

BAYKON BR016D digital load cells are designed to use mainly for vehicle scales and similar heavy-capacity weighing applications. It is a compression type load cell with an integral rocker-pin design that automatically aligns load forces for accurate weighing. With its Alloy steel, IP68 hermetically sealed enclosure, it can be used safely in harsh environments.


BAYKON BR016D digital load cells provide fast and effective service opportunity with technologic design structure. Those digital load cells; eliminate possible errors which can occur with standard analogue load cell scales such as temperature, nonlinearity, hysteresis, electromagnetic effects and voltage variation. Weighing is blocked in case of load cell is broken.


Its advanced electronic design provide high resolution and long term stable digital output signal for accurate and reliable measurement. BR016D digital load cells are matched at the production which provides direct replacement without calibration with test weights for non-legal scales. 



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