R&D Center

Founded in 1987, BAYKON is a specialized company in industrial weighing instruments. Situated in its İstanbul headquarters, BAYKON produces cutting-edge products classified as medium-high technology in the Ministry of Industry and Technology's activity list.

In 2017 BAYKON obtained its accreditation as "R&D Centre" from the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and continues to implement projects in a structured and sustainable manner. Among Turkey's top 500 R&D Centers according to Turkishtime, it actively competes domestically and internationally through its engineering endeavors in R&D, extensive know-how, and value-added products. Collaborating with universities, international companies, and others, it fosters innovation and competitiveness.

BAYKON not only undertakes projects using internal resources but also implements TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) projects and R&D fund management into its corporate ethos. Moreover, it aims to bolster its brand value by pursuing patent and trademark applications resulting from its projects.

The R&D Centre at BAYKON emphasizes intellectual and industrial property rights, housing expert engineers and departments specializing in R&D Embedded Systems, Software, and Product Development. Utilizing agile project management and the latest technologies, such as IoT and AI-supported weighing systems, the R&D team continuously enhances its product portfolio to meet customer needs.

The R&D Centre's capabilities encompass CAD programs for product development, prototype workshops, software infrastructure, feasibility studies, process development methodologies, test rigs, and software, ensuring a comprehensive approach to innovation.

Embracing a sustainable innovation philosophy, BAYKON's R&D Centre contributes significantly to the industry's digitalization by integrating cutting-edge technologies into its infrastructure.



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