• Baykon BX07M Weighing Terminal, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling
Baykon BX07M Weighing Terminal, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling

Baykon BX07M is a Windows CE Based Industrial Terminal with IP65 Protected Stainless Steel Housing and Designed for Mobile Weighing Applications. Its wireless communication with analogue or digital load cell-based weighing platform / scales provides enormous flexibility for industrial mobile weighing applications.

Baykon BX07M Terminal’s standard labelling and data collection software offers a customized weighing menu and ticket design with barcode. Transactional weighing data can be entered easily with 7” color touch screen monitor, wireless barcode and external PC keyboard. Peripherals like printers, barcode readers, remote display can be connected directly.

Weighing records saved in the terminal can be transferred directly to SQL Server with Web Service. Excel file transfer is also possible into USB memory or to a PC with Data Editor software.

Battery status is shown on BX07M monitor at battery powered scales. BX07M puts the battery powered load cell interface unit into sleep mode automatically to increase the battery operation time if the scale is at a standstill for a pre-programmed time.

Wireless Connection With Load Cell
- Connection to analogue or digital load cells and scales without cable.
- Battery status indication and automatic sleep mode for battery - powered load cells.

Flexible Weighing Operation with
- User configurable weighing menu, label and report
- Serial and additive totalizing mode with total ticket
- Peripherals; barcode/RFID readers, printer, remote display, USB flash

Powerful Data Integration
- Web Service for online transfer to SQL Server
- File transfer as Excel to a PC by Data Editor software
- Data export to USB memory as Excel file




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