BAYKON BL scale is low profile design providing ergonomic usage for the areas not suitable for in pit scales. With its full stainless construction and IP68 protected stainless steel load cells, BL scale is compatible with GMP and HACCP production standards and perfectly fits to corrosive, wet, and hygienic industrial environments in chemical, food, pharma and cosmetic industries.

Specially designed lifting device supported by hydraulic cylinder enables easy and fine cleaning for weighing applications need frequently cleaning to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.

BL scale is compatible with OIML standards and it is produced according to European 2014/31/EU directives up to 2 x 3000e multi range accuracy classes.

Robust reliable construction
• Lifting mechanism supported by hydraulic piston
• Full stainless steel, IP68 protected
• Compatible with GMP & HACCP production standards, 2 x 3000e OIML multi range approved
• Ergonomic usage with low height platform

• Weighing in wet and hygienic environments in pharma, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.
• Perfectly fit to weighing areas not suitable for pit
• Weighing applications need easy and frequent cleaning against hygiene and contamination risks

• Can be used with various BAYKON indicators or terminals for various applications with different complexity
• Fits all type of weighing applications; basic weighing, formulation, filling, manual check weighing, dynamic weighing, etc.

• Integration to ERP and PLC/ Scada systems via suitable indicators
• OIML approved for trade
• 316 stainless steel construction as option

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