Load Cell Feet

Load cell feet are load transfer elements that ensure that the weight of the system to be measured is always perpendicular to the load cells, minimizing the effect of external factors such as vibrations, shocks, thermal changes, etc. on the load cell and thus on the weighing. Properly designed load cell bases, selected according to the weighing system and environmental conditions, are critical to weighing accuracy and reliability.


In addition to load cell feet designed for load cell mounting kits, models are also available that can be attached directly to load cells with metric threads and blind holes.


The Baykon load cell feet made of stainless steel or galvanized steel and rubber parts (elastomer) form a stable base for the load cell and ensure optimum load application. The base surfaces are fitted with rubber buffers to increase traction and shock absorption. The load cell feet, which are used with the load cell mounting kit and are not affected by thermal expansion, are the best solution for applications such as weighing heated tanks and reactors.


Blind hole load cell models feature a polyethylene gasket to ensure proper connection to the load cell. The models with swivel ball eliminate the effects of lateral loads, which ensures better weighing accuracy and is very useful for floor scales with low headroom. In the models with metric load cell feet, the platform height can also be adjusted.


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