BAYKON Celebrated its 35th Anniversary with Great Enthusiasm !

BAYKON, the Leading Company in the Weighing Sector, celebrated its 35th anniversary with great enthusiasm!


BAYKON, Türkiye's leading manufacturer of weighing electronics, celebrated its 35th anniversary this year at the "Kalamış Istanbul Yelken Club" with all its employees and their families with great enthusiasm.

The celebration, attended by more than 400 people, started with the opening speeches of Baykon Board Members, Mr. Serdar Büyüküstün and Mr. Emin Y. Sözer.

Baykon is a company that provides quality and reliable service with its innovative and EU-approved equipment that communicates with various communication protocols, especially for the automation sector, such as Modbus, Profibus, CANopen, Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet TCP/IP. Apart from this sector Baykon produces products and solutions with different features for each sectors, such as chemistry, petrochemistry, food, iron and steel, and pharmaceuticals. Just as accuracy and formulation are essential for the chemical industry, hygiene for the food industry, precision, reliability, and GMP rules for the pharmaceutical industry, and durable equipment suitable for heavy and harsh conditions for the iron and steel industry are just as important. It was explained that Baykon is structured to provide the best service, including calibration and verification, to all these sectors with its experienced professional staff and organization.

It was explained that Baykon had made good progress in the last five years, especially in its growth targets abroad, established BAYKON Benelux in the Netherlands in 2021, and the preparations have started for establishing a company in Germany, then Baykon subsidiaries will open in other countries. Board members shared with their employees the great news that a new production center will open soon.

In the program flow of the night, plaques were presented by the board members to more than 40 employees serving for 10 years and more than 20 years.


Brief past, present, and goals of Baykon;


Baykon, established in Istanbul in 1987, started mass domestic production in the early 1990s and became a well-known company in our country and the global market thanks to the technologies it has developed until today. Baykon, in Türkiye, has become the biggest in its sector in terms of active value, according to the reports of the Ministry of Industry. Again, according to ministry reports, it is one of the leading companies in our country in terms of R&D value.


Exporting directly to more than 60 countries and indirectly to more than 100 countries and bringing its spread (network) to a very high level, Baykon implements a strategy of increasing its market share. The top five exporting countries are Germany, China, England, India, and Malaysia respectively. As it is known, these countries are the most challenging markets in the world.


Innovations that Baykon has brought to the World Weighing Technology until today;


Baykon has brought essential innovations to the world of weighing technology, especially in recent years. The most important of these are:

- Development and production of the first microprocessor-based weight and force measuring transmitter in the world,
- Monitoring the load cell signal at the microvolt level in the weight indicator, that feature shortens the maintenance time in the industry, and,
- Development and production of industrial weight indicator with the world's first IoT output for the cloud connection.

BAYKON, a member of the European manufacturers of weighing instruments association (CECIP) and a global Turkish company in industrial weighing, aims to be an essential player in the world market with its manufacturer identity.


Baykon Board Members Mr. Serdar Büyüküstün, his wife Mrs. Handan Büyüküstün, Mr. Emin Y. Sözer, his wife Mrs. Biçe Sözer and one of the first employees of the company Mr. Necmi Eser and its newest employee Mr. Sefa Balcıoğlu cut the 35th anniversary cake.



More than 40 employees were presented their plaques by the Baykon Board Members.



Sales Manager Mr. Özgür Çayırlı was presented with a plaque by Baykon Board Members Mr. Serdar Büyüküstün and Mr. Emin Y. Sözer.

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