• Baykon Digital LC Indicators & Terminals, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling,
Baykon Digital LC Indicators & Terminals, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling,

Baykon BX2nD / BX3nD / BX6nD digital load cell indicator / terminal series designed for use with Baykon brand digital load cells. They are provides the industry's highest accuracy and reliable weighing in tough industrial environments. All models have European/OIML R60 Class III approval.

The digital system; eliminate possible errors which can occur with standard analogue load cell scales such as temperature, nonlinearity, hysteresis, electromagnetic effects and voltage variation. Weighing is blocked in case of load cell is broken or system errors. This information allows a technician to analyze the scale's health and, in the unlikely event of a failure, quickly find and replace the failed component to get the system up and running just minutes.

Baykon BX2nD / BX3nD / BX6nD indicators or terminals equipped with excellent weighing functions and advanced applications such as truck scale, basic filling, heavy capacity weighing, labelling, data collecting etc.

Increased Productivity 
- European/OIML Approval OIML R60, class III
- Wide angle LCD display with multicolor backlight or touch screen TFT Color LCD
- Desktop, wall or panel type stainless steel enclosures
Increased Reliability
- Eliminated analoque convert and spoiling influences
- Lightning & surge voltage protection
- Wide integration & connectivity options 
Easy to Use & Fast Maintenance
- Simply scale setup, fast and smart calibration & corner adjust
- Easy and fast error detection, simplifies service 
- Proactive monitoring of diagnostic information from individual cells
- Supports up to 20 cells of digital load cell network
- Approved alibi memory 
- Excellent weighing functions
- Advanced applications such as truck scale, silo weighing, data collecting etc.


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