• Baykon BWI CSR Crane scale, weighing, scale, weighing indicator
Baykon BWI CSR Crane scale, weighing, scale, weighing indicator

BAYKON BWI-CSR, series crane scales are designed to attach to the crane hook for fast and practical weighing of heavy loads while being lifted. They are powered by rechargeable battery pack and have large LED or LCD display easy to read from long distance. BAYKON crane scales are available in wide range weighing capacity alternatives for different industries and can be transported easily in plant thanks to their compact, lightweight construction. These features along with their advanced weighing functions offer the most suitable and effective working conditions for the users.

BAYKON crane scales offers high precision and reliability with the highest safety for overhead weighing applications in different industries such as heavy industry, construction, transport, steel, paper etc. They are suitable for the applications of measuring and recording the weight value in production, warehouse, dispatch location of various industries and for some force measuring process.

Operation With Battery Pack
Baykon Crane scales provide
extended operating time
thanks to their long life
rechargeable battery pack.
With standby feature operating
time can reach up to 60 hours.

Remote Control
Besides keys, on select
models, infrared or Bluetooth
technology remote controller,
allows users to utilize scales
functions easily such as
zeroing, printing, capture peak
weight etc. at a distance of up
to 20 m.

Remote Displays
In case the display cannot be
read from long distance or
the weighing process
requires, with wireless
communication option, the
weighing data can be
transmitted in continiuous
form to Baykon remote
displays offered in various

Tensile (Force) Measurement
Function of catching the peak
value, offered as standard,is a
precise and practical solution
for tensile testing requiring pull
off and breaking force

Compound Weighing
Especially it is implemented
into the travers or overhead
crane systems. It is aprecise
weighing method of the load
at least lifted from two
points by using the crane
scales. Generally, it is used
for weighing paper coil or
measuring the coating
material consumption in
coating process such as


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