• Baykon Vehicle Scales, weighing, scale
Baykon Vehicle Scales, weighing, scale

There is no risk of weighing with a defective load cell in the digital load cell scale.

Our Truck Scales are manufactured in steel and concrete-steel hybrid structures up to 300T capacity. As weighing instrument, there exist 7” and 10” compact weighing terminals and PC based options with Baykon Truck Software. Baykon Truck software provides multi-scales network operation and strong ERP connectivity.

Standard peripherals; traffic lights, vehicle position control sensors, remote display, card reader, ticket printer and IP cameras. Maximum weighing safety is ensured with vehicle position control sensors and live view and instant photo taking at the time of weighing of IP cameras.

Digital load cells with standard lightning protection, isolated power and peripherals connection, LPK24 special lightning protected power supply are guaranteed against lightning and electrical discharges.

Digital Load Cell Technology
- High level digital data output
- Stainless steel, IP68 protected
- OIML C3-C5 approved
- Standard lightening protection
- Stainless steel Rockwell 44 hardened loading cups and stainless steel cables

Compact Weighing Terminals
- BX65 ( 7”) and BX66 (10”) stainless steel terminal with Win CE. 
- Configurable menu, ticket, report 
- Direct connection to traffic lights, road barriers and truck position sensors
- File transfer as Excel and direct connection to SQL Server with web service.

Baykon Truck PC Software
- Windows operating system
- Configurable menu, ticket, report
- Installation without scale for monitoring and reporting
- Multi-scale network operation
- Standard peripherals; traffic lights, position sensors, IP cameras, card reader, barriers, printer, remote display
- File transfer as Excel and direct ERP integration

Maximum Weighing Safety
- Up to 3 IP camera connectable. Those cameras helps operator for proper positioning of the vehicle. Instant vehicle photos are taken and saved to ensure maximum weighing safety.
- In case of vehicle improper positioning on weighbridge, positions sensors block weighing.

Lightening Protection Guarantee
- Baykon truck scales have lightning protection assurance.
- Baykon digital load cells have built-in protection against lightning.
- The power and load cell connections of the BX23D digital load cell terminal are protected against high voltage. Serial and digital I/O ports are optically isolated. 










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