• Baykon TX13 Analogue Transmitters, weighing, scale, check weighing
Baykon TX13 Analogue Transmitters, weighing, scale, check weighing

Baykon TX13 Analog Load Cell Transmitter Converts Load Cell Signal to Analog Output Very Fast and Accurately. Programmable smart filter of TX13 minimizes the environmental vibration to produce the best filtered signal to your PLC for your weight and force measurement systems. Its high quality analog & digital hardware eliminates zero and span drifts caused by temperature changes and provides perfect stability for long term unlike traditional analogue transmitters.

Analogue output is programmable as 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V. TX13 MB has additionally -10 to 10 V analog output range. All instruments are normalized and matched in the production for direct replicement when calibration done at the PLC side and to provide highest accuracy for electronic calibration (eCAL).

2 cut off outputs can be used for alarm or control valves; one digital input can be used for zeroing the scale.

Fast and Accurate Output

- Up to 800 conversion per second
- Programmable adaptive digital filter
- Up to 16 000 000 internal resolution
 -Up to 60 000 analogue output resolution
- Very low zero and gain drift at temperature changes.
- Very low drift in long term.

Analog Output With

- Bipolar load cell signal input for force measurement
- 6 wire load cell connection for high accuracy
- 2 pcs relay contact cutoff outputs and one zeroing input
- Bipolar analogue voltage output

Typical Applications

Tank and silo weighing
- Compressive and tensile tests
- Force measurement
- Strength measurement
- Process control applications
- Dosing systems 




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