• Baykon BX63 Weighing Terminal, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling
Baykon BX63 Weighing Terminal, weighing, scale, check weighing, filling controller, labelling

Baykon BX63 is user programmable, multifunctional industrial weighing terminal, designed for advanced level weighing processes such as labelling and data collecting, chekweighing and classifying, formulation, dosing, piece counting.

With its stainless steel housing with IP68/69 high level IP rating, BX63 is used in harsh and hygienic industrial environments. Depending on the application, a second scale, barcode or card reader, recipe or label printers, external PC keyboard and mouse, signal lamps and external buttons can directly be connected to BX63 weighing terminal. BX63 terminal has 10,1" wide and touch screen color monitor with screen customization feature which provides easy and effective operation.

BX63 is the ideal solution for weighing processes at all industries especially pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and food industry through its practical usage, robust, durable and pertinent structure to hygienic conditions.

Robust and Reliable 

- Stainless steel, IP68/69 housing, 
- Easy cleaning, hygienic design
- 10,1” color touchscreen monitor
- Angle adjustable wall and desk mounting apparat is standard

Multifunctional Usage

- Screen customization for easy and effective operation
- 2nd scale platform and laboratory balance connection
- Direct connection of barcode text and label printer, PC keypad, mouse, signal lamp and external buttons. 

Advanced Applications

- Labelling and data collecting
- SQL level data transfer
- BAYKON SQC statistical quality control
- Checkweighing and classifying
- Formulation and batching 
- Multi-scale piece counting 
- Dynamic weighing


- Standard interfaces; 2 x RS232C, 2x USB, Ethernet, 4x in, 4x out, Modbus 
- Optional interfaces; 12x in, 12x out, Profibus, wireless module, RS 485, analog output (4-20 mA, 0-20mA, 0-10 V)




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