BX21, BX21S and BX22S weighing indicators can be used as a remote display of Baykon weighing indicators, weighing terminals and digital transmitters. This feature gives you advantage to install your remote display instead of the scale indicator which has malfunction. You will have a spare weighing indicator by using these remote displays.
The big weight display and its wide angle LCD structure are most important advantages of the increased seeing distance. The tare, zero, print keys of these remote displays can be used as a remote keys of the weighing instrument.
BX22S is a lightning protected instrument with its protections on the power line and isolations on the serial interface to increase your system reliability and long life.

BX21, Remote indicator
-Low cost in plastic housing
-20 mm display height
-Internal back up battery
-Desk or wall mounting
-Can be used a spare indicator of your scale in case of malfunction of the scale indicator.

BX21S, Remote indicator
has additional to BX21
-IP66 stainless steel housing
-Selectable backlight color
-Internal 100 – 240 VAC power supply
-Optional 24 VDC power source.

BX22S, Remote indicator
has additional to BX21
-IP67 stainless steel housing
-Selectable backlight color
-Internal 100 – 240 VAC power supply
-Optional 24 VDC power source
-Lightning protection

Model BX21 BX21S BX22S
Technnology Wide angle LCD
Backlight White Selectable colour
Display 6 digits, 7 segment, decimal point between digits and unit
Display size 25 mm weight digit height
Announciators zero, net, stable
Serial interface RS232C
Communication Programmable. Baudrate between 1200 and 19600
Data protocols Baykon, Flintec and Mettler Toledo
Enclosure type Desk and wall mount
Enclosure material ABS, IP30 Stainless steel, IP66 Stainless steel, IP67
Mounting bracked Included in the standard delivery
Operating temperature range -15 to +50 °C
Humidity 90% RH max, non condensing
Power source 100 - 240 VAC or 12 VDC
Dimensions 110 x 55 x 200 mm. 134 x 74 x 224 mm. 180 x 83 x 220 mm.
Weight (packed) 1,3 kg. 1,9 kg. 2,7 kg.

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