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The BAYKON Gravimetric filling system is designed to weigh and feed granular materials at predetermined weights and time intervals. The system uses a electromagnetic vibro feeder to feed material into a weigh hopper mounted on a load cell and than at a set time, disharge the product onto a second vibro feeder. By setting both target weighments and the disharge interval, accurate product feed rates can be achieved. The system consists of two unit. These feed cabinet and control panel.
The cabinet has heat insulation and cooling air for weighing to be precision. Control panel monitored all the errors in the process such as vibro feeders errors, weighing errors, air pressure error, silo empty error, time out etc.

Precision weighing and continious feeding
-Weighing hopper works with discontinous weighing method
-Weighing hopper capacity 1,5 kg and sensitivity 0,5 gr.

Advanced control panel
-The control panel has BX3 filling controller, timer, PLC, vibro feeder drivers and other electrical equipments.
-Monitored all the ciritical errors in the process such as vibro feeders errors, weighing errors, air pressure error, silo empty error, time out etc.
-Manuel controls are available

Heat-insulated cabin
-Heat insulation and adjustable cooling air
-Stainless steel hoppers and grooves
-Two elektromagnetic vibro feeders mounted.
-High resulation load cell


Weighing capacity 1,5 kg , accuracy 0,5 / 1 gr
Material feed capacity max. 50 kg / hour
High resolution, IP67 load cell
Epoxy painted steel and head -insulated cabin
Stell control panel
Stainless steel hoppers and grooves
Two maintenance windows on the cabinet
Precision vibro feeders and digital controlllers
Advanced BAYKON BX3 filling controller;
-Display; 6 digits LED with 14 mm in height and 6 pieces LED bar to give information for filling process
-Powerful adaptive digital filter for fast and stable reading
-Powerful adaptive digital filter for fast and stable reading
-Easy calibration and programming
-PLC controlled process
Discontinous period adjust with the digital timer and lower feeder runs continously
High quality sensors for vibro feeders current, air pressure, level and position
Powerfull and fast error monitoring;
-Vibro feeders errors
-Weighing errors ( zero, over /under capacity, tolerance, gate )
-Air pressure error
-Silo empty error
-Time out etc.
Pnomatic equpments mounted in the cabin.
Manuel control with buttons and switches on the panel
0 º to 70 ºC operating temperature range (cabinet)
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Optional RS485 based data collection and error reporting software
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